Sarah: (The Brains) was the one with the vision and the ideas that really got the ball rolling and the business off the ground.  Sarah was a Nanny in North Carolina for a few years before returning to the Pacific Northwest.  Since returning home she dabbled in catering, went to nursing school, and now raises three children as well as runs the day to day operation of Simply Stated.

Simply Stated

Tel: +1.503-508-4196 Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm

Our mission and vision is: "To provide our customers the highest quality furniture and home decor that is simple in nature but fits in your every day life"


Jesse: (The Brawn)  works full time in the aviation industry but when he gets home from work changes into his wood working attire which consists of camouflage shorts, a ball cap (with a pencil shoved behind his ear), and a pair of flip flops.  He's come quite a long way with wood working over the past few years, when he was in high school he could barely make a cutting board. :-) sorry babe...

Giving credit where credit is due

We have been married for nine years (married on 07/07/2007) have three beautiful children (two boys and one girl).  We have truly been thru thick and thin together and have developed a great support for each other and our family.  Even thru the business we have been there for each other and the stresses that come along with running a small business.  Such as filling orders at the last minute and having to stay up until one or two am on a school night. 

We recently moved into a larger house with a shop which was a huge blessing!  Our last house was just over 1100sq feet and only had a single car garage!  You can imagine the lack of space when you have two farm house tables in a single car garage. Not to mention a two bedroom with all five of us.

We love to build, we love to be creative, and we would love to share our vision and creations with you and your family!

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Our Mission and Vision

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